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Drop me a line! Ask me about freelance design work, comic books, paintings... or let me know your favourite kind of tea. I'd love to hear from you.

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Apple Watch: Bank of America



Illustrations, animations, game design for apps



Designs and rebrands for websites, apps and interactive iAds

Bank of America: Facebook app

Start screen: concept

iHealth: website

iBaby: website, home page

iHealth: store

iHealth: iAd for Apple

Bank of America: Facebook app

BankAmeriDeals: handset

iHealth: website

iBaby: website, store page

PayPal: express checkout for iPad

iHealth: iAd for Apple

Welcome screen: concept


iBaby: website, interior page

iBaby: app

PayPal: express checkout for iPad

iHealth: iAd for Apple


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