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Beautiful: Book One

It sucks to have big, frizzy hair and a decidedly average body... when you really want to have model good looks and a cool boyfriend. That’s why Lily’s on a mission to get beautified, or at least get a red-hot makeover.

And the attention of her crush.

Beautiful: A girl’s trip through the looking glass

Beautiful: A girl’s trip through the looking glass



Lily is a teen girl who’s the victim of a bully. It seems she’s never quite good enough for this brute: not pretty enough, not cool enough, not the right mix of skinny and shapely... you name it. So why not just ignore this unwanted visitor, or maybe deliver a swift kick to the shins?

As it turns out, the real problem is the tyrant inside Lily's own head.

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Noe Valley book signing, 2014

Noe Valley book signing, 2014

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