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Drop me a line! Ask me about freelance graphic design work, comic books, art... or let me know your favourite kind of tea. I'd love to hear from you.

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Designer, author, illustrator.


Because of my background in fine art and media arts, I enjoy incorporating illustration and animation into my interactive design projects wherever I can. I’ve worked extensively in FinTech, as well as designing experiences for healthcare and a broad range of other industries. As a visual designer for web and mobile, I want to deliver the best possible user experience that serves both business and user needs, as well as adding a little fun.


I’ve had a life-long love of comic books and have been writing and illustrating graphic novels since 2014. I’ve published five books and have had my first book translated into French and Spanish.

In San Francisco.  Photo by Andrew Jae, 2018

In San Francisco. Photo by Andrew Jae, 2018

My hometown, nicknamed "Sunny Worthing".  Photo by me.

My hometown, nicknamed "Sunny Worthing". Photo by me.


Originally from Sussex, England, I later studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design – where I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts – and now live and work in San Francisco. This city has seen its ups and downs over the years, but there’s one thing that hasn’t changed much… the seagulls still remind me home.