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I grew up in Worthing, a seaside town in England famed for bringing forth the creators of Tank Girl, being the childhood playground of Billy Idol, housing Oscar Wilde while he wrote the Importance of Being Earnest... and maybe you've heard of Leo Sayer? Maybe not. At any rate, if you've ever been to Worthing you'll never forget laying out on your towel on the knobbly pebble beaches. They leave quite an impression.

My hometown, nicknamed "Sunny Worthing".  Photo by me.

My hometown, nicknamed "Sunny Worthing". Photo by me.

At the age of 19, I emigrated to the United States and studied at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, where I got my Bachelor of Fine Arts. (Much later, I attended grad school for psychology for a bit, but that's another story!) Upon graduation, I soon went from scruffy scenic painter to slightly-better-dressed graphic designer, then moved to the West Coast. I've been going down the design path ever since, without letting go of my love of drawing, painting – and making comics.

Over the years, I've lived through the rise and fall of San Francisco (a couple of times). I've worked at dot.coms, agencies and banks, had some art shows, painted murals, made some quirky animations... and during the crash of 2001, I worked in an art store.

It seems there's enough creativity in the air here to ensure a San Franciscan is never down for long. I’ve been writing and illustrating graphic novels since 2014 and continue to enjoy working as an interactive designer for web, mobile and print.

There’s one thing that hasn’t changed about San Francisco: the seagulls still remind me home.


In San Francisco.  Photo by Andrew Jae, 2018

In San Francisco. Photo by Andrew Jae, 2018


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